Thanks for checking out my website, which I’m still figuring out as I go.
Here’s what’s new and exciting (updated 1/14/2016):

New zine: Bright Nights
My friend Simon Moreton and I recently put together a split-zine, collecting eight stories that all take place at night. Available now in the store (Simon is also selling the UK edition on his site).

Online comic available at zcomx
I made a free, online-only collection of 6 stories for the new comic-sharing website zcomx. It’s called Nowhere Near and can be read or downloaded here.

Not My Small Diary #18 out now!
The new issue of Delaine Derry Green’s legendary anthology Not My Small Diary is out now. The theme this time is pets, and not only do I have a new 3-page comic in here called “Alma’s Menagerie,” but it’s chock-full of great cartoonists like John Porcellino, MariNaomi, Carrie McNinch, Rob Kirby, Kelly Froh, Simon Moreton, Liz Prince, and Sam Spina, and everyone brought their A-game. I was really moved by these stories. It’s a book-length issue, available for $5 on Etsy.

In the Works
I’m about 1/2 way through my next zine, Black Tea #4, and have some other possible projects brewing in the back of my mind as always.

Driftwood City… the book
My book-length collection of comics is finally printed, and for sale in the store. This book collects the first six issues of my zine Laterborn, plus five new stories and some other odds and ends. I also put a lot of thought into the sequencing and things like that. Please check it out if you haven’t yet.

Papercutter 17
The final issue of Tugboat Press’ Papercutter has 32 pages of comics written by me and drawn by seven of my favorite cartoonists. In order of appearance: Jesse Reklaw, Corinne Mucha, Francois Vigneault, Calvin Wong, Sarah Oleksyk, Hellen Jo, and Vanessa Davis (with end pages by Nate Beaty). Full details (including ordering info) at the Tugboat site.

Jason’s Zine Club
I started a new feature in the blog section, where I recommend one of my favorite zines from time to time. Zines and mini-comics are inherently hard to find, so I hope this helps some of my favorite stories get into more people’s hands, and helps you discover new things to read.