Thanks for checking out my simple website. Here’s what’s new and exciting (updated 4/2/2019):

New Zine!
Black Tea #6 is a themed issue, about the year I became obsessed with hockey while going through a hard time in my life. This happened in my 30’s, after a lifetime of not liking sports, so the issue is really about being open to unexpected new experiences. It also touches on music, death, anxiety, Neil Young… (in other words, it’s still a Jason Martin comic), and features a bonus comic by special guest Rina Ayuyang. Available now in the store.

Semi-New Zine: Black Tea #5
The first issue of Black Tea after a two year break, featuring comics about the 2016 election, getting older, my favorite library co-worker, an ode to Aquarius Records in San Francisco, and more. Also available in the store.
(3-issue subscriptions are still available, too).

Online comic available at zcomx
I made a free, online-only collection of 6 stories for the comic-sharing website zcomx. It’s called Nowhere Near and can be read or downloaded here.

In the works…
I’m about to start drawing the second issue of my music zine, Covers, with stories about Sonic Youth, Mike Watt (of course), Juliana Hatfield, Neil Young, and more. Stay tuned. I’m also working on a comic for the next issue of Not My Small Diary, and some other odds and ends.