Thanks for checking out my simple website. Here’s what’s new and exciting (updated 9/15/2017):

3 new comics
I recently had three new comics published by Illustrated PEN: “Little White House,” “Baby Deer,” and “Summer 2000.” These comics will also be printed someday in Black Tea #6 (see below).

Not My Small Diary #19
I’m proud to have a new 2-page comic in the latest issue of Delaine Derry Green’s Not My Small Diary, which John Porcellino has called “one of the most important comic-zines in history.” The theme this time is “Unexplained Events,” and as usual it has an amazing lineup of artists: John P (who also does the cover), Carrie McNinch, MariNaomi, Rob Kirby, Kelly Froh, Peter Conrad, Liz Prince, Jason Young, Misun Oh, Max Clotfelter, and many more. Recommended if you love goosebump-inducing ghost and UFO stories, but there are also stories about prescient dreams, near-death experiences, childhood memories, and other profound turning points in people’s lives. It’s a 104-page book for only $7, and can be ordered here.

Online comic available at zcomx
I made a free, online-only collection of 6 stories for the comic-sharing website zcomx. It’s called Nowhere Near and can be read or downloaded here.

Black Tea #4
My newest zine is Black Tea #4, which came out in September of 2016. 32-pages of comics about some of my usual subjects (going to an all-boys high school, old friends who have passed away, 90’s music), a 10-page comic about my visits to Portland over the years, and more. For the first time I’m also offering a 3-issue subscription, in case you want to make sure you don’t miss an issue in the future. Details on the store page.

In the works
I’m almost done drawing Black Tea #5, which is still somewhat secret for now, but I will say that it has a very specific theme (kind of a fun departure from my usual stuff), and will feature at least one contribution from another artist. I also have pretty much all of Black Tea #6 written, with about 8 completely finished pages, so I’m hoping to put out both issues in early 2018. Stay tuned!

Where’s the blog?
This site used to have a blog section, with zine recommendations and works-in-progress, but I’m taking it off the menu for now. Just doing my part to reduce the content overload on the internet, and focusing all my energy on my print zines again. But the blog is still accessible via this link if you’re interested.