Thanks for checking out my simple website. Here’s what’s new and exciting (updated 10/27/2017):

New comics
I recently had three new comics published by Illustrated PEN: “Little White House,” “Baby Deer,” and “Summer 2000.” These will also be printed someday in Black Tea #6 (see below).

Not My Small Diary #19
I’m proud to have a new 2-page comic in the latest issue of Not My Small Diary — Delaine Derry Green’s legendary anthology where a bunch of cartoonists draw autobiographical comics centered around a common theme. The theme this time is “Unexplained Events,” and as usual it has an amazing lineup of artists: John Porcellino (who also does the cover), Carrie McNinch, MariNaomi, Rob Kirby, Kelly Froh, Peter Conrad, Liz Prince, Jason Young, Misun Oh, Max Clotfelter, and many more. It’s a 104-page book for only $7, and can be ordered here.

Online comic available at zcomx
I made a free, online-only collection of 6 stories for the comic-sharing website zcomx. It’s called Nowhere Near and can be read or downloaded here.

Black Tea #4
My newest zine is Black Tea #4, which came out in September of 2016. 32-pages of comics about some of my usual subjects (going to an all-boys high school, old friends who have passed away, 90’s music), a 10-page comic about my visits to Portland over the years, and more. For the first time I’m also offering a 3-issue subscription, in case you want to make sure you don’t miss an issue in the future. Details on the store page.

In the works
I just finished drawing Black Tea #5, which will be a themed issue, with contributions from some very special artists. I also have pretty much all of Black Tea #6 written, and am drawing that now too. I’m hoping to have both of them out in the first half of 2018, and maybe even a third zine done by the end of next year.