Thanks for checking out my simple website. Here’s what’s new and exciting (updated May 2020):

My Latest Zines
After slowing down for a bit in 2016, I recently put out two new issues of my zine Black Tea. Issue 5 has comics about the 2016 election, getting older, my favorite library co-worker, an ode to Aquarius Records in San Francisco, and more. Issue 6 is about becoming obsessed with hockey in my 30’s (after not liking sports for most of my life), but also touches on anxiety, Neil Young, etc, and features a bonus comic by Rina Ayuyang. Both zines are available in the store. (3-issue subscriptions are still available, too).

Not My Small Diary, #20

I have a comic in the new issue of Not My Small Diary… As always, this one is edited by the amazing Delaine Derry Green, all of the comics are centered around a theme (this time it’s “The Power of Music”), and it features most of my favorite cartoonists (including John Porcellino, Carrie McNinch, Rob Kirby, MariNaomi, and Dave Kiersh). My comic is called “Shoelaces,” and is about listening to music in my room as a teenager. You can order this 136-page issue for only $6.50 on Etsy.

Online comic available at zcomx
Back in 2015, I put together a free, online-only collection of stories for the comic-sharing website zcomx. It’s called Nowhere Near and can be read or downloaded here.

In the works…
I’m almost done drawing issue 2 of my music zine, Covers, with stories about Sonic Youth, Mike Watt (of course), Juliana Hatfield, Neil Young, and more. I should have this out in August 2020. I’m also collaborating with a friend on Black Tea #7, planning Black Tea #8 (I’m thinking this one will go back to being a mini-sized issue, but with 40+ pages of comics), and starting to organize old comics for my second book.