A Few of My Favorite Cartoonists:

Brian Kaas
Calvin Wong
Caroline Saddul
Carrie McNinch
Cordelia McGee Tubb
Corinne Mucha
Damien Jay
Dave Kiersh
Fluke Fanzine
Francois Vigneault
Geoff Vasile
Hellen Jo
Jason Young
Joey Alison Sayers
John Porcellino
Jonas Madden-Connor
Josh Frankel
Julia Wertz
Kane Lynch
Kelly Froh
Leo Puppytime
Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg
Minnie Phan
Minty Lewis
Noah Van Sciver
Nomi Kane
Rina Ayuyang
Robert Kirby
Robert Sergel
Robyn Chapman
Simon Moreton
Somnambulist (Zine by Martha Grover)
Sophie Yanow
Teddy Hose
Tessa Brunton
Theo Ellsworth
Vanessa Davis

Distros and Publishers

Spit and a Half
Sparkplug Comic Books
Tugboat Press

Friends, Music, and Other Links

Chinatown Bakeries – My friend Jon’s band
Empty Cellar Records – San Francsico record label founded by my friend Arvel
Bouquet – My friend Carolyn (formerly of The Finches)’s new band
At Their Own Rates – Composer/friend Jorge Boehringer’s many music projects
Mike Watt – The Man in the Van w/ a Bass in his Hand
Okay/Marty Anderson – Probably my favorite Bay Area songwriter. Word on the street is he’s recording new music and playing shows again.