- I need to put a hold on orders outside the U.S. until I can figure out how to calculate international shipping, and make it an option on the store. Sorry about this — in the meantime I suggest ordering through Spit and a Half.

U.S. Readers:
- To keep things simple, shipping for zines is 50 cents per issue across the board. And as of December 2013, there’s no shipping charge for Driftwood City.
- You can also send well-concealed cash to: Jason Martin, P.O. Box 123, Belmont, CA, 94002. (And I do trades, but please run it by me in an e-mail first).

Zines and Books for Sale

Driftwood City: A new book collecting the best comics from Laterborn 1-6, plus five new/exclusive stories, some rarely seen odds and ends, a notes section, and a cover beautifully colored by Kane Lynch. Self-published August 2013. 112 pages, $12 (postage paid).

“This is a deceptively simple and beautifully sincere book with many moments of wry humor and more moments of how wonderful and difficult it is to be alive and interact with others.” – Rob Clough

sample page 1sample page 2

I Hugged This Pony Today: A collaboration with my friends Leo Puppytime and Caroline Saddul, where we found tweets with the hashtag #happiness and made them into comics. Equal parts funny, heartwarming, and random. Released summer 2013. 32 mini pages, $3 plus shipping.

sample page 1sample page 2sample page 3

Laterborn 8: 32 pages of new comics, split into two sides like a record. Side A has funny stories about what it’s like to be deaf in one ear, and about the zine I made in college with my friend Leo. Side B goes into some sadder subjects, but it ends on a peaceful note with a long story called “Lightness.” Released August 2012. 32 digest pages, $3 plus shipping.

“Every story in this issue is a gem.” – Robert Kirby

sample page 1sample page 2

Laterborn 7: This slim, nostalgic issue features a prose short-story about a guy in his late 20′s who’s still clinging to his college days; short comics about temp jobs and worry; and “Hy Gene,” a long autobiographical comic about how childhood friends can drift apart and stay close at the same time. Released August 2009. 28 digest pages, $2 plus shipping.

“This is the kind of zine that makes readers feel they’ve made an important discovery.” – Library Journal

sample page 1sample page 2

Laterborn 6: 44-page issue (all comics) about college, 90′s music, my first tour with a band, and two dreams I had about being homeless. Released summer 2008. 44 digest pages, $3 plus shipping.

Note: Most of these stories are reprinted in Driftwood City, so you might not want to buy both.

“This one blew me away… his best yet.” – Optical Sloth

sample page 1sample page 2

Black Tea 3: The newest issue of Black Tea features 2 long pieces (one about Jack Kerouac and the Cassady’s, and one about my visit to the Tassajara Zen Center), as well as a lot of short, funny comics about my girlfriend, my jobs, etc. Released April 2010. 28 mini-sized pages, $1 plus shipping.
sample comic

Black Tea 2: This issue features a long comic about punk rock bassist Mike Watt, and a lot of 1-2 page autobiographical comics on a variety of times and subjects. Released fall 2008. 24 mini-sized pages, $1 plus shipping.
sample comic

Unavailable For Now

**out of print**
Black Tea 1: This first issue of Black Tea is the most focused, because I’d originally planned for it to be a stand-alone comic (not the first in a series). It’s a “concept album” of sorts, about getting over a break-up, loneliness and rejection, and (ultimately) the importance of friendship. Released summer 2007. 28 mini-sized pages.

**out of print**
Laterborn 5: Another all-comics issue (with grayscale artwork). I used to call this one my ode to music, unrequited love, and the California coast. Released spring of 2007. 40 mini-sized pages.

**out of print**
Laterborn 4: A pretty intense issue of Laterborn, with a prose short story about a girl imagining a traumatic experience that her boyfriend went through as a teenager, and two long comics about death and mourning. Released March 2006. 28 digest pages.