– I need to put a hold on orders outside the U.S. until I can figure out how to calculate international shipping, and make it an option on the store. Sorry about this — in the meantime I suggest ordering through Spit and a Half.

U.S. Readers:
– To keep things simple, shipping for zines is 50 cents per issue across the board. And as of December 2013, there’s no shipping charge for Driftwood City.
– You can also send well-concealed cash to: Jason Martin, P.O. Box 123, Belmont, CA, 94002. (And I do trades, but please run it by me in an e-mail first).

Zines and Books for Sale

COVERS: My newest zine is a “covers album,” where I took some of my favorite stories about musicians (written by other people) and adapted them into comics. Feauturing a secret Bob Dylan recording session in Minnesota, Kurt Cobain’s love for macaroni and cheese, John Lennon recording Plastic Ono Band after undergoing primal scream therapy, memories of John Coltrane and his acts of kindness, Mike Watt dressing as a scarecrow for a gig on Halloween, the Dinosaur Jr chapter of Michael Azerrad’s book Our Band Could Be Your Life, a teenage Kristin Hersh recording the first Throwing Muses album (while also pregnant with her first child), and my friend Jason Young’s story of a surprising house show. All my proceeds from this zine will go to Doctors Without Borders. Self-published July 2014. 36 digest pages, $3 plus shipping.

“Martin has excellent taste, and chooses fascinating vignettes, most of which touch on the often mysterious alchemy of the artistic process. ” – Robert Kirby

sample page 1sample page 2sample page 3

Driftwood City: A new book collecting the best comics from Laterborn 1-6, plus five new/exclusive stories, some rarely seen odds and ends, a notes section, and a cover beautifully colored by Kane Lynch. Self-published August 2013. 112 pages, $12 (postage paid).

“This is a deceptively simple and beautifully sincere book with many moments of wry humor and more moments of how wonderful and difficult it is to be alive and interact with others.” – Rob Clough

sample page 1sample page 2

Temporarily back in print, now with color cover!

Black Tea 1: This first issue of Black Tea is the most focused, because I’d originally planned for it to be a stand-alone comic, not the first in a series. These comics are about getting over a break-up, loneliness and rejection, and (ultimately) the importance of friendship. Originally released summer 2007, “Deluxe reissue” with color cover printed in 2014. 28 mini-sized pages, $3 plus shipping.

sample page 1sample page 2sample page 3

Laterborn 8: 32 pages of new comics, split into two sides like a record. Side A has funny stories about what it’s like to be deaf in one ear, and about the zine I made in college with my friend Leo. Side B goes into some sadder subjects, but it ends on a peaceful note with a long story called “Lightness.” Released August 2012. 32 digest pages, $3 plus shipping.

“Every story in this issue is a gem.” – Robert Kirby

sample page 1sample page 2

I Hugged This Pony Today: A collaboration with my friends Leo Puppytime and Caroline Saddul, where we found tweets with the hashtag #happiness and made them into comics. Equal parts funny, heartwarming, and random. Released summer 2013. 32 mini pages, $3 plus shipping.

sample page 1sample page 2sample page 3

Laterborn 7: This slim, nostalgic issue features a prose short-story about a guy in his late 20’s who’s still clinging to his college days; short comics about temp jobs and worry; and “Hy Gene,” a long autobiographical comic about how childhood friends can drift apart and stay close at the same time. Released August 2009. 28 digest pages, $2 plus shipping.

“This is the kind of zine that makes readers feel they’ve made an important discovery.” – Library Journal

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Laterborn 6: 44-page issue (all comics) about college, 90’s music, my first tour with a band, and two dreams I had about being homeless. Released summer 2008. 44 digest pages, $3 plus shipping.

Note: Most of these stories are reprinted in Driftwood City, so you might not want to buy both.

“This one blew me away… his best yet.” – Optical Sloth

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Black Tea 3: The newest issue of Black Tea features 2 long pieces (one about Jack Kerouac and the Cassady’s, and one about my visit to the Tassajara Zen Center), as well as a lot of short, funny comics about my girlfriend, my jobs, etc. Released April 2010. 28 mini-sized pages, $1 plus shipping.
sample comic

Black Tea 2: This issue features a long comic about punk rock bassist Mike Watt, and a lot of 1-2 page autobiographical comics on a variety of times and subjects. Released fall 2008. 24 mini-sized pages, $1 plus shipping.
sample comic

Unavailable For Now

**out of print**
Laterborn 5: Another all-comics issue (with grayscale artwork). I used to call this one my ode to music, unrequited love, and the California coast. Released spring of 2007. 40 mini-sized pages.

**out of print**
Laterborn 4: A pretty intense issue of Laterborn, with a prose short story about a girl imagining a traumatic experience that her boyfriend went through as a teenager, and two long comics about death and mourning. Released March 2006. 28 digest pages.